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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy Birthday, Kim!

December 3, 2005

Today is the 25th birthday of my third sister, Kimberly Mae, otherwise Kim or Kimmy now (arte!). As what many relatives and friends, and even our family, say, Kim and I are the ones in our brood who share the most facial features. And this depends on whose version of who's the half-face of whom: if you ask her, she'll say that I'm handsome because she's beautiful; but if you ask me, seniority counts. Hahaha!

She claims to be the favorite daughter in the family, but never the favorite child—that would be me. Hahaha!

Photo taken in November 1994 at Manila Memorial Park in Sucat, Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines: My sister Kim and I

Seriously, the reason she became the most endeared sister of mine is because she didn't spend her childhood with us. That's why we always missed her company. Since about two years of age until she got married, she lived with the family of our Lolo Nonong and Lola Charing (Lolo Nonong is a brother of our maternal grandmother). Why didn't she live with us? We used to spend summer vacations at Lolo Nonong's house in Better Living Subdivision in Bicutan, Parañaque City; and in 1983, when Kim was still about two and we didn't have a nanny, Mom had to let her extend her vacation there to the delight of our kind aunts and uncles who regarded her as the baby of the family. The stay stretched until we didn't realize that years had gone by so fast. Despite that, we never lost the sense of family and the affection of each other.

My lovely sisters, Karen, Niña Rica, Lovelle, and Kim (November 2005)

Kim, now that you're already a mother of two, may you continue to stay strong and hopeful especially for your children. As I already told you in the past, stay cool and youthful but mature and responsible at the same time.

Tell Arianne and Kevin that I miss them so much. I'll be seeing all of you soon. I love you.

Again, Happy Birthday, Kim!


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