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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Small Opportunities Are the Beginning of

November 10, 2005

I finally dropped by at the office of Mr. Alan Canlas, the publisher of Ang Peryodiko whom I met recently at a gathering at Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba on Keewatin Avenue. Mr. Canlas received me warmly. We had a casual conversation. He walked me through their publishing process. I said that, since I am yet to become eligible to work when I finally receive my permanent-resident visa hopefully in April of next year, I was willing to volunteer even only as a proofreader or a contributing editor; just to share my skills and have something worthwhile to do. Unfortunately, the editorial staff of the newspaper is based in California, USA, and they coordinate through the e-mail. However, he said that what he could offer me instead was a job as a correspondent. He would pay me per project accomplished. All I needed to do was, appear at an invitational gathering or event that he would assign to me, take some pictures, and write a one-page article about the event's highlights. That's easy! But...

It dawned on me that, of course, the job would require that I have my own transportation. I couldn't depend on my relatives to drop me off and pick me up all the time. More so, I rarely have the chance to go out on my own, for no one can look after Grandfather especially during the weekdays.

Nevertheless, I didn't lose heart. I tried to look at the positive side of meeting Mr. Canlas. Anyway, not that I'm sourgraping, but all I was really expecting was something more worthwhile to do at home, for the meantime that I'm not yet eligible to hold a legitimate work. And the first positive result of that meeting was, I met someone who's in the publishing business. A single major contact is a link to a myriad minor ones. Besides, being in a place so far away from the familiar, I consider every new avenue worth exploring. Opportunities abound, but only to the brave and bold.

"Small opportunities are the beginning of great enterprises."Demosthenes

Furthermore, I have now one highly regarded person for my resume's list of references: Mr. Alan Canlas – Publisher/President of Ang Peryodiko. All I needed to do is maintain my acquaintanceship with him.

Right there and then, I told Mr. Canlas that I could not accept his offer because of my situation. He understood it, telling me that in any case I was welcome to visit the office anytime.

Someone who Shares the Same
Another positive thing that popped up unexpectedly was, one of Mr. Canlas's employees said that I looked familiar to him, that he thought he already saw me somewhen somewhere he couldn't remember. The guy was long-haired, so I surmised that he knew me because of my band. I was right, for when I mentioned my having been in a band, he broke into a sweet relief, saying, "There, yeah! I remember and your band Half Life Half Death. I used to hear your songs on LA 105 and watch you perform on TV."

The guy, Lito, arrived here in Canada only last March, and he is into the Philippine Alternative Music scene. I no longer wondered why he knew my band. In fact, he had a copy of the Christmas compilation album Christmas on the Rocks (1994, Viva Records), in which my band had contributed one song, our cover version of the song "Sa Paskong Darating" by S.Y. Ramos. We had a nice conversation. Being able to talk with someone who shares the same passion in something always gives one a warm feeling of belongingness.

Before I left, Lito suggested that I check out the Web site, where I could meet fellow Filipino music enthusiasts living in Winnipeg where we are. After several days, I did check out the Web site and wrote my first post. I was amazed of the unexpected result of that posting for, after a while, I began to receive personal messages from people I don't know.

Here are some of the personal messages I received. Until now I'm altogether flattered and humbled as I continue to realize how my band Half Life Half Death had really made a mark in the Philippine Alternative Music history and impact on the lives of some people, considering that we didn't actually become commercially popular and successful. To this day I'm still grateful for all the memories and achievements my band had made for us and for allowing us to leave the scene with a musical legacy worth treasuring for the rest of our lives.

from wilz of Iowa, USA:
'mustah 'tol?I read your blog. So you were once in the band Half Life Half Death, one of my favorite Filipino groups. You probably hear that all the time, but seriously, I am still a fan! Nothing comes close to your album production...the guitar riffs to the solos; what more can I say? I use to do air guitar on "Cariñosa," sing along to "Radio Madness" and "If All Sleep Tonight." If you browse through the old posts you will find that I posted your one (and only album you thought we'd never hear) which I ripped from a cassette! The first time I heard "Kapit-Tukô" I got hooked at once, then I heard your Sampaguita cover, "Nosi Ba Lasi?" I told my then girlfriend (now my lovely wife) to get for me a copy of the Half Life Half Death album. She then obliged and sent me the original cassette (maybe that's why I married her). I have relatives there in Winnipeg; and when I do plan to visit them, I sure would like to meet you and thank you for your music. Keep in touch! Thanks, man, for taking the time.

from Holocaust:
good pm, idol, 'musta na? I am one of your fans since the late '80's. Sabi ko nga noon, sana ay may sumunod pa kayo na album, kasi ang galing-galing ninyo; walang halong biro...meron ba kayong YM? para at least makapag-usap tayo. Sa totoo lang, sa di pagmamayabang, meron po akong album n'yo na Pymyth Prahn, original po yun. Hanggang sa ngayon ay dala ko yung album ninyo, kahit na nasa ibang bansa na ako, kasi ang gusto ko, kahit wala ako sa ating sariling bansa, eh marinig ko ang inyong musika, ang sarap-sarap ulitin. Sana matupad sa darating na 2007 ang pag-release ninyo sa susunod na album. Kung may request po kayo, ia-upload ko ang inyong album tapos ibibigay ko sa inyo ang link. God bless.

from pinoyhxc of Pangasinan, Luzon, Philippines:
hi po, kuya. Di ko po alam na nag-release pala kayo ng CD aside from Pymyth Prahn LP. Ask ko lang po kung paano me makakakuha ng copy nun. From Pangasinan po ako, Luzon. Medyo malabo na po kasi yung copy ko ng album n'yo. Highschool pa kasi yun eh. Hehe. Sobrang saya na po pag makakuha ako ng copy nung bago nyo. Reminiscing highschool days. Good day!

from flangerzone of Metro Manila, Philippines:
Hi, 'tol. 'musta ka? If your from Half Life Half Death, my favorite local new wave band. Do you still remember these words? "not the next Eraserheads..." I got it from The Rolling Paper, yung fanzine ni BJ Cabaluna and the rest of the gang of idiots ng Rock and Rhythm. hehehe. I'm from Manila, and I got a chance to listen to all your songs in your debut album. Is there any chance na bumalik ka rito sa Pilipinas?

from Jason of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:
Welcome dito sa saka sa Winnipeg. Taga-saan ka sa Winnipeg? Ok yung songs n'yo, lalo na yung pagka-arrange n'yo sa kanta ni Sharon Cuneta. Jam tayo minsan, marami akong kilalang underground Filipino bands rito, 'pakilala kita. Thanks.


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