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Monday, November 14, 2005

Amidst the Coldness of Winter the Warmth Of

Pictures taken last night...

My first Winter experience was in 2003, in British Columbia, Canada. How was it? It was quite tolerable. All I needed was the right attire that could keep me warm and comfortable. Most significantly, Winter snow in British Columbia usually lasts for only three weeks to a month. Here in the province of Manitoba, however, Winter is such a dreaded season. The temperature can drop as low as negative 45 degrees Celsius, and the snow lingers for as long as five months. Can you imagine that? Brrr! And Grrr! It's like spending an exile on Hoth. I won't be surprised if I see a stray tauntaun or wampa one of these days.

November 14, 2005

Winter proper has arrived, as immaculate-white pellets of snow began to fall and blow. And since cousin Ivan and Tito Ren were outside in the backyard, changing the tires of Ivan's car, Tita Lucy prodded me to check out the snow so I could compare it with the snow in B.C. After two Winter season in Canada, the yet-another first fall of snow never failed to awe the child in me.

After wearing my gloves and bonnet and Grandfather's Winter jacket (I am yet to buy one), I went outside with the digital camera. Brrr! How cold it was! I was chilling all over as I took some shots, which turned out vague. It was nighttime; the darkness as well as the haziness caused by the blowing snow breeze rendered poor results. Better luck tomorrow.
Winter in B.C. is, indeed, nothing compared to that in Manitoba. I was already wearing gloves, yet I could still feel the coldness seeping into my flesh and bones. The snow was blowing hard, the breeze lashing my face.

"Wala pa 'yan," quipped Tito Ren. "Antayin mo'ng isang linggo. O kaya e tingnan mo bukas kung gaano na 'yan agad kakapal. Magsisimula na tayong mag-pala ng snow."

Anyway, here are some playful shots I took. Tomorrow I'd be going outside again to take more shots. I'm already expecting a Winter Wonderland.

One light step is a deep imprint on the snow

Buckets of snow, anyone?

Cool eLf palmprints, in both the figurative and the literal sense

Writing my nephews' and niece's names on the snow, wishing they were all here with me to frolic around and, better yet, build some snow castles and fortresses

Amidst the coldness of Winter the warmth of your love in my heart glows unfailingly

"No amount of coldness and indifference can banish the warmth and compassion of my eLven heart."Visionata Grandiosa


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