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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mom!

.. . Photo taken on August 2, 2003, during my déspedida lunch for my family, at W Grill at Ayala Center in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

November 20, 2005

Today, my mom turns 58. Happy Birthday, Mom. Thank you very much for all the love and support that you continue to shower on us, your children. I miss you very much. You're one of the reasons I grew up to be a spiritual and responsible person, despite my unorthodoxy in many things.

I'm posting again the following poem which I wrote for you last January:

A Poet to His Mother

I may not have been too vocal in the past
Of my respect and love—for they are so vast
An old ballad sings: "Some good things never last"
But in me, O Mother, may you put your trust

My childhood memories with you and Father
Are in my heart well-kept—be lost they'll never
Our countless strolls in Luneta and Ongpin
Were magical as the lamp of Aladdin

Your well-cried tears and heartily shed laughter
Till my twilight I will always remember

To be happy for and love one another
You taught us how—my lovely sisters and me
Forgiveness in our hearts, you said, should be free
The reason we persevere to be better

The pains and sacrifices that you've been through
I shared them all with you; you know it is true
Every ups-and-downs, you're always there beside
Me—believing, comforting, reassuring

Like a hen, you reared us single-handedly
Like chicks, we followed you affectionately

I might have pecked and scratched you from time to time
Whatever pain I'd caused you...pardon my rhyme
For you, I will always be...hoping...dreaming

I may not have been too vocal in the past
Despite, you knew my love and respect are vast
A few years more must pass—oh Time, such a tease!
Yet from yearning to go home I'll never cease

Again, Happy Birthday, Mom; I love you very much. And, oh, by the way, Mom, I'm also letting you know that I've already forgiven you and dad for this picture of ours taken when I was about two years old. In retrospect, anyway, this was perhaps one of the reasons I'm in touch with my feminine side. Ha-ha-ha!


  • At Friday, December 02, 2005 4:50:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi kuya! cute mo sa pics ha!!!!hehehe....
    kamukha pla tlg kita????!!!! =)
    miss u so much...kinakamusta ka pla ni arianne.... mwah...nga pla e-mail mo naman skin ung address mo dyan....thanks.!!! take care and i love you!



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