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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Turn to Music and Poetry

I've a new links section below, "cool music sites (MP3 galore)." This is dedicated especially to other music buffs like me. Visit these sites regularly and let them treat you with free MP3s of obscure Alternative Rock bands, particularly those which release their albums either independently or under minor record labels.

Since discovering "New Wave" music in 1983, courtesy of my cousins and uncles and their friends, I have become an ardent enthusiast and supporter of the genre. More than that, my musical knowledge and preferrence expanded. I listen now to other genres as well: Metal, Pop, Folk, Classical, Punk Rock, Ska....

My having been in bands, Half Life Half Death and Dream Kitchen, helped me keep myself updated; add to that the connections I've made with a great number of equally musical souls, bands, friends, mere listeners before and now. All of such wonderful entertainers, musicians, and audience continue to deepen my love for music.

I, too, have began sharing my passion for music not only by writing about it but more so by featuring bands regularly on this blog site and by including links to sites which offer downloadable MP3s of their music.

Music is, indeed, the language of the soul. It surpasses English (or any other language for that matter) as the universal communicator of ideas and emotions.

Perhaps you have been noticing that my recent entries are about music. Well, the chief reasons I'm able to maintain my sanity despite my continual homesickness and yearning to return home are Music and Poetry.

A single song is potent enough to transcend me into a magical world.

One verse stirs my mind to think a thousand ideas. I get lost. I feel bliss. I feel loved.

Songs are my lullabies.

My pen is my magic wand.

Keep on fluttering by to share the magic with me while it's brilliant.


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