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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pinkey, My Pink DMs

Pinkey, my third pair of Doc Marten's boots which I bought in 2003, days before I left my country Posted by Hello

I have developed a seeming obsession with owning a Doc Marten's eversince I discovered the brand in the late '80s through my high-school friend Paolo Mendoza (immigrated to New York, USA, in 1987), who, in one of his letters to me, described his joy when he finally bought his dream shoes after receiving his first-ever salary in the United States—a Doc Marten's Black Boots.

I tried to look for a DMs in the Philippines during that time but in vain. And when I finally saw a shop selling DM boots, in the '90s, I realized that they were very expensive. So, when my brother-in-law Jay (my sister Karen's husband), who lives in Massachusetts, USA, asked me one time over the phone if I liked a pair of Doc Marten's, I unabashedly said yes and literally jumped for joy. I remember feeling as excited as my nephew Algae while waiting for weeks for the balikbayan box his dad was sending in time for Christmas of 1999.

Yes, I got my first pair of Doc Marten's late in life, but it was worth it. I came home from work one December day and saw the blue beauty lying brilliantly beside the couch—a Doc Marten's Electric-Blue Boots! I wore it to work. I wore it when my band had a gig. I wore it every time I had the chance. However, in 2003, to my slight dismay though (for it was already worn out), it was stolen from our backyard.

My second pair of DMs was, again, courtesy of the same brother-in-law—a Burgundy beauty, which is now already worn out, that I still wear to this day.

And Pinkey, my third pair of DMs, my favorite, I bought with my own money at the Doc Marten's Store at Glorietta/Ayala Center, Makati City, in 2003, days before I left the Philippines. I remember how I visited the store every time I was at Glorietta just to see that pink pretty. The salesperson must have already known me; although, I never tried to fit it; I just used to hold it and look at it with awe. So, when I finally had the money to spare, I returned to the store. And when I asked the same salesperson for a pair of size 8, I surmised he knew right away that I was all ready to bring that pair home. And bought it and brought it home I did. I never felt any hesitation in eventually handing over to the salesperson's palm my five thousand pesos in exchange for the box containing my new Doc Marten's Pink Boots.

Even here where I am, I never miss a look of awe every time I'm wearing it. And I don't mind whether that look meant "awesome" or "awful!"

What? Pink! A female color? Of course, not. I've almost never associated color with sexuality. I don't believe much in symbols.

Trust me. I'm not your typical human being. I'm simply different.

And my favorite colors since time immemorial are pink and purple.


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