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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Elfey, My Belovèd eLf-shoes

I personally designed this third pair of creepers of mine in the early '90s, with obvious reference to those curly-tipped shoes of elves and other fairies of Literature; and finally had it made in 1995 at Freddie's Shoes, located on Recto Ave., Manila, Philippines. Posted by Hello

I very well remember how the shoemaker couldn't suppress his leprechaunish grin of disbelief while I was explaining to him the details of the drawing I made. The shoemaker, his assistant, and I were like architects and engineers discussing a strategy on how to go about the curly tips of the shoes.

The shoemaker made three distinct pairs of this so-named eLf-shoes: Elfey, a pair for my friend/bandmate Pet, and another for display, which was still in the shop's glass stall years after I had this pair made. Obviously, no one aside from Pet and me had the boldness to wear a pair of this Faerie-influenced creepers.

I still wear this belovèd eLf-shoes of mine once in a while, especially when I feel enchanted or whenever fairies are in the mood to shower me with pixie dust.


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