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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Creepey, My Brilliant-Red Creepers

This is my fourth pair of Creepers, the only one I bought ready-made, days before I left for Canada, 2003, at a fashion boutique at Goldcrest, Glorietta/Ayala Center, in Makati City, Philippines. Posted by Hello

According to the salesperson, this was the only pair, imported from England, and that it was on display for already quite some time; virtually all customers had expressed their awe and fancy for this pair of beauty; but, obviously, no one dared to buy it except me.

As I said, Creepey was already my fourth pair of Creepers; the first one (black-suede cheetah-fur style; long deceased) and the second (sandal style; already worn out, it I gave to a Punk-Rocker acquaintance named Joseph before I left the Philippines) I bought custom-made at Luciano Shoes on Recto Ave., Manila, in 1988 and in 1991, respectively. The third one, my well-known eLf-shoes, my original design, I had it made in 1995 at Freddie's Shoes, also located on Recto Ave., Manila.

Creepers became popular in the Philippines in the '80s, especially among enthusiasts of the Punk Rock / New Wave music of the era. Fortunately, their popularity faded through the years, leaving them to the true fashion-unconventionals who have the guts to wear such shoes in full glory and confidence.

Here are some similar types of shoes that I wish to buy as soon as budget permits me:

Doc Marten's Peanut
Doc Marten's Twin T-Bar Black Red Rub-Off
Doc Marten's Red Shiny Patent Leather
TUK Lucy Pink Suede
TUK Barbie Pink Glossy
Tredair Two-Tone Baby-Blue-and-Light-Blue Maryjane
Tredair Two-Tone Fuschia-and-Pink Maryjane
Tredair Burgundy Swirly Smooth Leather
Tredair Pink Cathead
Gripfast Eye-Blue Steel Paratrooper Boots
Pennangalan Gulliver Shoes (because my custom-made Gulliver shoes are already worn out)
Rivithead Purple Flame Maryjane.


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