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Monday, November 18, 2013

15 Recommended New Wave / Postpunk Albums

An acquaintance of mine at work, when I told him that New Wave is my favorite genre of music, quipped, "Oh, you're stuck in the '80s!"

What? I replied, "Who taught you that New Wave is only '80s music?"

Maybe he should listen to these albums...

15 albums that I have also been listening to these days. 

'Weird Pop' (2011) by Tones on Tail
'In the Flatfield' (1980) by Bauhaus
'Foot of the Mountain' (2009) by a-ha
'Wild Mood Swings' (1996) by The Cure
'Kaleidoscope' (1980) by Siouxsie & the Banshees
'Water Came Running' (1990) by Identity Crisis
'Black City Parade' (2013) by Indochine
'Ten Portraits' (2013) by This Final Frame
'Love in the Age of War' (2012) by Men Without Hats
'The Small Price of a Bicycle' (1985) by The Icicle Works
'Pacific Street' (1984) by The Pale Fountains
'Coldest Winter for a Hundred Years' (2011) by The Wild Swans
'Ultramarine' (2013) by The Ocean Blue
'Machineries of Joy' (2013) by British Sea Power
'Roxy Music' (1972) by Roxy Music


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