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Monday, January 13, 2014

Once a Poet...


I started writing poetry in high school but only in my university days (in 1989) when I started to take it seriously and regularly. I had already in my collection three full books of poetry collected from that period in my life.

I stopped writing poetry for a while beginning in the late '90s only because I became a book writer/editor; meaning, my writing expression turned to prose and more technical than literary writing.

In late 2004, having immigrated to Canada and got no job and away from loved ones, I turned heavily to reading and writing. I also imposed upon myself to write at least one poem a day; I was able to accomplish this for more than a year, resulting to hundreds of poems collected for my future books of poetry to be published in the near future. But that was a period when I was practically just home in Canada, taking care of my aging maternal grandfather, so I practically had more time in my hands. I stop again from writing poetry when my literary passion turned to maintaining my columns in the newspaper.

In November last year, I thought of imposing again on myself to be able to write at least one poem a day. I was unable to do this because I realized that I have so many activities now--including my fulltime job, writing for the newspaper, my own family, and making music and performing with my band. Nevertheless, for two months, I was able to write 21 poems (mostly sonnets). Not bad, considering the other activities in my life.

Here's the last poem I wrote last year, 2013.

Pagbibigay-Pugay sa Bungo

Pahiram nga ng pantasa
Pantasa ng kukote
Ng mga taong pudpod ang utak

Pahiram nga ng pambura
Pambura ng memorya
Ng mga mapait ang kahapon

Pahiram nga ng martilyo
Nang mapukpok ang ulo
Ng mga tulala at tuliro

Pahiram nga ng bibliya
Pangumbinsi ng puso
Ng mga hindi naniniwala

Pero mas mahalaga ba
Ang puso kaysa utak
O ang iyong bungo kaysa tadyang?

Each of the stanza of the baker's sonnet above consists of a triplet of 8-7-10 syllables, following a rhyme pattern of ABC AAD EEE AEA ACF.


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