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Sunday, November 24, 2013

On Compartmentalized or Selective Adoration

If my son loves also Bieber 's music, then he could, I don't mind. All I need to remind him of is simply to teach him how to adore compartmentally or selectively. Meaning, he could choose any popular individual and make him an icon but only for the positive things this certain icon does and not necessarily the bad things or everything that this popular celebrity does.

Congratulations to the Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao for winning the fight with Rios. It was a fairly good match.

While I don't encourage arrogant winners and bitter or sore losers--I don't see anything wrong in having a deep fascination or adoration for certain icons--be it in sports, music, politics, academics, or any other field.

Generally, I think every person simply needs icons whom they could look up to for inspiration and empowerment.

In the end, the key is finding a good balance in such adorations. Or, adore with the right reasons.

And lastly, learn to compartmentalize such adorations. Meaning, if you adore Pacquiao because of his boxing bravado, don't assume that everything that he will do will be great and seamless.

Or, if you like Miley Cyrus's or Justin Bieber's music, then go ahead; but you should not be compelled also to follow other stuff that they do that you think is self-destructive.

You may like Nirvana's or Blind Melon's music, but you don't need to applaud or celebrate even the suicides of the bands's respective frontpersons, Cobain and Hoon.

That's what compartmentalization means--selective adoration or adoring with the right reasons.


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