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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

(Explaining Idiomatic Expressions)
by aLfie vera mella

A friend at work confided in me that there are some coworkers of ours who comment that I am a very quiet person and that they sometimes find it hard to read my mind.

I am not a quiet person; I am simply selective. I simply select the appropriate venue where to express certain ideas and opinions. I conserve my time and energy by expressing my ideas and opinions in the right situations.

When I'm with a group engaged in small talks like gossips, I remain silent and uninvolved. When I'm at a meeting or any training sessions or conferences, that's when I don't hold my piece every time I think I have something useful to contribute to the discussion. When I have an issue with someone, I don't talk about this with others; I find a tactful way to deal with the person with the intention of resolving the issue.

Many people are noisy and opinionated when they're in the hallways or in the lunchroom. But when they are at a meeting or in front of people with whom they have issues, they clam up and become timid. And, for some reason, they get resentful to those who have the courage to express their ideas. People like these are just increasing the level of the stress that they face every day.

The above situations are examples in which the idiomatic expression "Barking up the wrong tree" may be observed being at play.

The Last Leaf
Many people waste their ideas and opinions and misdirect their sentiments by "barking" [expressing] them up the "wrong tree" [wrong forum, wrong persons, or inappropriate situations].


  • At Wednesday, February 13, 2013 6:37:00 PM, Anonymous rainbow said…

    It's Valentines today , a day I want to skip and wishes to pass immediately unless given the chance to celebrate it privately with the most people i truly loved. But sad to say im spending it with the three kinds of people we must meet in our lifetime..

    There were people who you choose to love and the people who choose to be a friend - people that you can count in your fingertips, the people who can exactly define who you are..

    There were people who comes considered just plain pheripherals or incidental friends. They are everywhere, they are people who you meet out of ciscumstances.People who takes pictures with you in parties not important to them to remember your name.

    There were people in the workplace ,people to worked with and to deal with that no matter how much you pray that one day you wishes to invent a gadget to make push button to keep them at least one hundred fifty meters away from you, because you simply dont like them and we cannot do anything about it.

    We dont look for them but they will certainly exist and will rub you the wrong way so much so that you take greatest effort to completely tend to step a bit in their level.

    I tried to rationalized. It could be some astrological basis that one is really not compatible with the other.It conspires i guess..


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