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Friday, February 01, 2013

Work Is Not Just a Four-Letter Word

(On the Value of Work and the Virtue of Positive Working Attitude)
by aLfie vera mella

One time, when I was preparing for hospital work, Evawwen said, "Daddy, why do you need to work? I want you to stay home."

I said to him, "Evawwen, Daddy needs to work because I have to earn money--for our bills, food, clothes, books, and your toys. Besides, Daddy enjoys working at the hospital, taking care of sick people."

"Okay, Dad. You go to work."

As I entered the door when I got back home after work, Evawwen, as usual, was rushing down the stairs to see me. He asks smilingly, "Daddy, did you earn money?"

"Yes. But I get it on payday."


"A day when I get the money that I earned. That would be next Friday."

"Did you have fun at work?"

"Yes, I did. But I get a bit tired also, so I need to rest when I'm home."

"Okay, Daddy, I won't be noisy."

I make sure that I let my kids realize that, aside from the reason of having to earn money for our cost of living, I work because I enjoy my job and that many people benefit from the job that I do. I never teach my kids the idea that work is a stressful necessity that I would never do if I could, because I believe in the value of work and the virtue of positive working attitude.

There are many parents who tell their children that working sucks or that they don't want to leave them but they have to because they need to work. In telling these sentiments to children, the little ones develop a negative insight about work, preventing them to recognize the value of work, the reason people need to work, and the virtue in having a positive attitude at work. Nevertheless, I encourage letting children know also that work could be tiring naturally--this prevents children from having that illusory and counterproductive sense of invulnerability. Children should also realize that we do get tired, of course, but that all we need is some time to rest and relax at home, to recharge and to let our bodies catch up.

The big challenge now is when parents don't like their jobs; obviously the children will feel their parents' feelings of resentment towards their respective jobs. This is the reason a person should really be clear and sure of what kind of job she really wants to have. She should consider the probability that this job will be her job for the entirety of her working years. In view of this, this should now become the reason parents should, as much as they could, let their children choose what career they want to pursue. Of course, parents can try to direct, redirect, influence, and encourage their children into pursuing their personal choices; but in the end, the children should be the ones to decide what path to take. Then, the parents could do their part by simply being there to guide them.

Like in choosing one's beliefs and religions, work should always be a personal choice--one could only suggest but never impose. And it is always better to highlight the value of and the virtue in everything we do and pursue. It's sad though to realize that there are societies where finding the right job for oneself is a challenge in itself.


  • At Friday, February 01, 2013 9:10:00 AM, Anonymous rainbow said…

    I will be very situational

    Ive heard it so many times..I call this cultural stigma pinoy syle. For gazillion times that i've been asked by this nincompoop people why i'm working so hard pointing to my being childless and don't have the family..

    I believe they are stupid or just trying to be one. Okay, I dont need to answer this one if someone seems so ignorant and a waste of time explaining it in my most intelligent and very professional manner..

    Okay i will be blunt to answer this in behalf of the million gays and lesbians. We work because just like anybody else we want to live. And the we are in a working country like Canada. and a part of life's journey is to work and be productive so that you cant be a living parasite.

    If i can only step to their level. i will find ways to compromise..

    If asked again .. I may learn to do a high flying kick straight to their faces with my stilleto.

    I sympathized with ignorance but please ...


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