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Friday, February 08, 2013

An Example of What Makes Me Endure

While I was backtracking some blog entries I wrote on my blogspot many years ago, I got to read also some of the comments on my sites.

Naiyak ka na ba sa paghangang ibinibigay sa 'yo ng ilang taong hindi mo naman kakilala, pero hindi sila madamot sa pamumuri?

Ganyan sana ang lahat ng tao--hindi madamot sa papuri at hindi namamatay sa inggit kaya hindi makapamuri.

Here is one comment left by a certain Johnnymarr102373 on one of my sites.

Thanks again for the spark of inspiration.


i'm one of the few and surviving fans of new wave music here in Lipa City, Batangas....i hope you don't mind if i download some of your stuff.....(maybe all of them...hehehe) pagkakabagal laang ng internet speed ko......i'm only using a 56k modem.....

actually, i had the chance of finding and reading your blog page......i said hey......"eto ang front man ng half life half death"!....

truth is...i never had the chance to watch you perform live......but the first time i've found out about your band was through The Score Magazine.......after reading articles about the early days........those significant concerts/new wave mobile parties in manila during the late 80''s a pity that The Score mag didn't last long......then came Rock n' rhythm mag......andon uli kayo!

so when a dozen compilation and pymyth were released i didn't hesitate to buy those tapes......gasgas na ang mga tapes ko due to excessive contact with the head player.........CDs were too expensive back then....

your band was definitely above the rest of the pack of Filipino Alternative bands that sprung during the mid-90's.......during the era of grunge, metal, rap-metal, cross were the only one to embrace new wave/indie type of music (aside from sugar hiccup and sonnet LVIII)......

kaya tol......thanks for your enduring music........half life half death music had been a part of my college life.......and will always be a part of my itunes and ipod playlist till my ears bleed........

thanks and more power to you......



  • At Friday, February 08, 2013 10:51:00 PM, Anonymous rainbow said…

    I suddenly remember the song "We are the world " because of the oneness that the song implies, at such, on how social media blogging can really reach out to someone around the globe and being myself an audience to a person i also dont know personally, moreso, like a blogger may also be a great performer or an entertainer being watched every milliseconds of his or her life in a big reality show who shares a platform thru the high technology of social media.

    Truly, there's a lot of things to thank for by the time we glued ourselves in our laptops,, we become one. Alone to write, alone to read and this means detaching ourselves from other activities.

    meanwhile, I am fortunate to be a living witness in my generation that music was not only heard. i saw how music evolved into MTV's , this time music can also be seen on how the music was created or recorded. Wasn't it so monumental in the 80's??

    Figuratively,We may be alone now sitting and connected globally,, silently in a device that takes us nowhere and then lo, and behold ,someone eventually will be out there recogning and appreciates a performance that entertains ...

    Thank you social media.
    Thank you bloggers..

  • At Monday, February 11, 2013 1:56:00 PM, Blogger eLf ideas said…

    Many people criticize negatively the Internet and the wonders that it has enabled many people to do--like blogging, chatting, and connecting with people, regardless if these people are long-lost friends or strangers.

    It all boils down to responsibility and accountability.

    But I have long been thanking also the Internet and the entire social media because it has made the influence of good-intentioned people on others wider and stronger.

    Yes, the Internet is like an eye in the sky, but at the end of the day, who cares about that all-seeing eye if we are not doing anything wrong towards our fellow humans anyway?


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