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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bequeathing to My Son Evawwen My Love for '70s Japanese Robot Animes

As soon as I entered the house, coming from hospital work, Evawwen and Gabby said that they just watched again The Lorax (2012) on our family TV in the living room. Then, Evawwen said, "Daddy, let's continue watching Voltes V.

I first let him watch it about two years ago, but only when we started watching again the series the other day when he really paid attention. Now we are starting with Episode 3.

Evawwen gets charged up every time the main theme song plays in the background--when the five commandeers begin to "volt in" to become the robot Voltes V.

Voltes V is a Japanese robot anime that was first aired in 1977; it was a big hit in the Philippines in the late '70s, when I was in Grade 2. I remember how excited I was after school on Fridays, when it was on TV at 6 p.m.

Other Japanese robot series showing that period included Daimos [Tosho Daimosu, 1978-'79(Tuesdays), Mazinger Z [Majinga Zetto, 1972-'74] (Wednesdays), and Danguard Ace [Wakusei Robo Dangado Esu, 1977-'78(Thursdays). Other robot series during the period that were started but cancelled even before they were shown halfway included Steel Jeeg [Kotetsu Jigu, 1975-'76], UFO Robot Grendizer [UFO Robo Gurendaiza, 1975-'77], Gaiking [Daiku Maryu Gaikingu, 1976-'77], Balatack [Chojin Sentai Barattack, 1977-'78], and Getter Robot [Getta Robo, 1974-'75].

I do not speak a Japanese language, but because I have watched this series as a child in the 1970s, I used to be able to sing the opening and the closing theme of Voltes V without exerting much effort. The above is the opening theme, entitled "Borutesu Faibu no Uta," in which the five commandeers aboard their respective flying vehicles start to "volt in" to become a robot.

This is the closing theme of Voltes V, entitled "Chi Chi Wo Motomete [I Want Father]," which evokes a nostalgic feeling from many old fans of Voltes V.

This is the opening theme to Daimos, entitled "Tate! Tousho Daimos."

This is the closing theme of Daimos, entitled "Erika's Ballad."

This is the introductory scene of Mazinger Z, in which the robot's commandeer--Kouji Kabuto aboard the flying vehicle called pilder--begins to nestle into the head of the robot to be able to control it.

This is the opening theme to Danguard Ace.

This is the opening theme to Steel Jeeg.

This is the ending theme of Steel Jeeg.

This is the introductory theme to Balatack.

This is the opening theme to UFO Robot Grendizer.

This is the closing theme to UFO Robot Grendizer.

This is the opening theme to Gaiking.

This is the ending theme to Gaiking, entitled "Hoshizora no Gaiking."


  • At Sunday, January 20, 2013 9:18:00 PM, Anonymous rainbow said…

    the robotic influence of 70's on tv..i remember all this japanese robots of course how can i forget the theme song of voltes V.This was my chilhood era of fantasy and animation started to capture big audience share for a network during that time.

    It was this time also a pinay superhero darna became larger than life series ..I wish you can search the title of background music of vilma's flying moments and the fight scenes with Lita Vasquez in Darna vs. Planetwomen as well...

  • At Monday, January 21, 2013 11:05:00 PM, Anonymous Daydreamer said…

    I am Jamie! Wow, it's nice to pretend again to be someone else. Then later I can be Pink 5 of Bioman. But it's still the best to be Darna so I can fly and be where I want to be.


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