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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Time Is Constant; It's the Circumstance that Gives the Illusion of Its Fastness or Slowness

Time flies fast, as they say, but this is just an after-the-fact reaction to the past. For me, time is constant--I cherish every moment of it. What makes it feel slow or fast are the circumstances an individual finds himself in--if the events are exciting and activity-filled, then time feels fast; when nothing much interesting is happening, then it feels slow.

One week, and we--my family and I--go to the Philippines. Is the Time moving slow?--no--but because of the anticipation for it--the seven-day period that is still to unfold seems slow. And then, for sure, on Saturday, on the day of our flight, Time would seem to have passed by quickly. That's after the fact.

Time is constant. I'm always in touch with reality. I don't allow emotions cloud my analytical thinking. As much as possible, I use logic and reason to guide my life and decisions.


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