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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finally The Cure in Canada

June 28, 2007

The last time I saw extreme excitement on his face was years ago! But then, a few weeks ago, I noticed that he became like a highschool boy again. I made an investigation, and finally I knew what that was all about!

His most favorite band of all times, The Cure is finally doing a three-city Canadian tour starting September. Unfortunately Robert Smith and the rest of his idols won't be stopping over here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where we are. The three cities are Montreal in Quebec, Vancouver in British Columbia, and Toronto in Ontario.

He decided to see them in Toronto, on September 28. Tickets will be available next week. I heard that he planned to run to the nearest Ticketmaster next week to buy the ticket. Knowing the piles of bills that he currently pays, he should start saving enough pocket money and plane ticket budget. I think that a round-trip ticket to Toronto and back here will cost him about C$400. Not bad, considering that watching The Cure perform live has been one of his greatest highschool dreams.

If only I have enough dough, then I would be the one to shoulder all his expenses. Sorry, lad! I'll just tag along, in case I'm able to get my own ticket. I need to see the concert as well. I'm a secret fan of Porl Thompson, who has recently returned to The Cure.

Wish me luck.


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