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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Inbetween Seasons

May 26, 2007

I see him every day, but I've lost interest in bothering him that much. Of course, I too have my own adventures to take and problems to face. Although, I admit that I remain a diehard eLf stalker, for I still keep on tab of most of the things he does.

Days for eLf are a bit gloomy, literally...rainy days are here, pouring inbetween seasons. He would usually go out with his pink umbrella.

His life is pretty colorful these days, yet quiet and uneventful except for his once-in-a-while trek to the malls.

He decides to stop purchasing Star Wars action figures for the meantime, as well as decides to retire from the little music scene here in Winnipeg. He likes to concentrate on his being an author. He suddenly has a renewed spark in continuing his fantasy novel, Visionata Grandiosa, which he would write as a part of his Engkanto book.

Anyway, so much for that now. I have to get going, lest I may lose him once again. He's becoming more and more elusive these days. ' gotta keep a sharper eye on him.

All I know is, his band haLf man haLf eLf will be performing later tonight at a concert at the Philippine-Canadian Centre of Manitoba on Keewatin, here in Winnipeg, along with fellow Filipino bands here. I heard that he would also be the deejay for the event. Hmm, I can now imagine his playlist. ' gotta get ready my costume for later.

I'll see you there, but you will certainly not see me. As always, I will be as inconspicuous as ever. That's how stalkers are.

"You move me, give me one good reason...."


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