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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Joy of Stalking

Whew! I spent several hours last night, back-reading the previous contents of this blogspot. I was amazed to realize that the original owner indeed possesses remarkable prolificacy and proficiency. I will certainly pale in comparison. But what the heck! I'm here only to tell his stories and not to compete with him.

Having nothing to do the whole day, I decided to stalk the owner. Saturday, he was up early. He worked at Tuxedo Villa today. He has been looking after a single resident for two and a half months now. The resident has Alzheimer's and is very violent when agitated and very aggressive even when unprovoked--the reason a one-to-one services of a health care aide was required. Fortunately, the owner was also nurse, so he knows well how to deal with the resident. The family of the resident and as well the management of Tuxedo Villa are thrilled about the owner's performance.

The owner was more excited these days because there's no more snow on the ground and biting chills of the wind. Spring has come at last. He can now wear his Doc Marten's boots without the fear of getting it messed up with the after-snow mud.

One interesting fact about the owner which I want to divulge today is, I never realized until today (as I was stalking him) that he has also a penchant for showbiz gossips! During his break time, he went to the Safeway superstore adjacent to the nursing home to buy some groceries. Then, I saw him drop by at the magazine section. I thought he would check out music magazines like AP, The Rolling Stones, but did you know what he picked up? Showbiz magazines!

I caught him smiling while he was reading the article about the late Ann Nicole Smith's daughter. Perhaps, he was keeping track to know who the real father was. Some other articles that he spent extra time reading included the updates on Britney Spears and the current flings of Paris Hilton.

Oh well, I am really enjoying this new hobby of mine: Stalking one of my secret idols.

Till then. I'll just check out what he is up to right now. I just saw him get something from the freezer. I'm sure he will be cooking something for his dinner and packed lunch for tomorrow's work. Yes, he works also on Sundays; hardworking guy. I hope he finds time to take some days off and smell the flowers of Spring.


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