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Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Management

After weeks of lobbying, I was finally able to convince the owner of this blogspot to sell it to me. How much? Let's just say that it cost me a hefty part of my fortune.

Anyway, impulsive as I tend to be every time the moon is blue, I bought this blogspot without even thinking what I am going to do with it.

Initially, I thought of following the trails of the original owner, but (being an avid fan since the early days of this blogspot) I realized that my life is remarkably lackluster, pale, boring, and uneventful compared with his.

So, in tribute to the owner himself, I decided to just serve as an observer and teller of his adventures and misadventures.

Lest I get myself in trouble, of course, I asked his permission. Kind and understanding as he always is, he allowed me...but with the condition that he would not be held liable for whatever I may write about him.

So, for whatever I may write here, the responsibility is solely mine and mine alone. The owner has ultimately decided to live a private life. But, of course, he couldn't stop fans like me to keep track of his doings. Call me a paparazzi, or even a stalker...

But I simply couldn't bear the fact that the cyberworld now exists without any eLf idea.

So, bear with me. I am certainly way, way below the standards of the real owner; but I'm just telling his stories through my own observations. Whatever impression every article might send through is my own.

All I want to write now about him is...

As always, he's busy with his work at the nursing homes, hardworking as ever, working literally seven days a week.

He recently returned to his elementary hobby of collecting Star Wars action figures, amassing more than a hundred new figures in the last two months.

He still writes for that newspaper, The Filipino Journal, maintaining two columns.

He lied low in his music making, but his band has an upcoming gig next month, along with fellow Filipino bands in Winnipeg.

His love life? Sorry, but this will be the only topic that cannot be discussed here. It's part of the terms of agreement in the purchase of his blogspot.

So, lest I lose this chance of a lifetime of becoming a sort of a storyteller, I'd rather write about those other interesting things other than love.

Thank you.

Please bear with me.


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