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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Something So Good

Yesterday, I did nothing but observe the owner's activities for the day. He worked at his usual shift, 10 a.m to 6 p.m., at Tuxedo Villa. The nurse coordinator told him that the resident might have to stay at the villa for at least about a year. Of course, this is good news for him--meaning, he would have a steady shift for a long time. I saw him smile.

Upon arriving home, he was surprised by two packages in his room. Two more pairs of Doc Marten's boots that he ordered via eBay--a royal blue with floral engravement and one with a Spring-flowers design.

After eating an early dinner, he got a book, Love in the Time of Cholera, and put on a playlist which comprised of the following songs.

The Railway Children - "Something So Good"
The Railway Children - "Blue Sky"
The Railway Children - "Every Beat of the Heart"
The Mission U.K. - "Cocoon"
The Mission U.K. - "Butterfly on a Wheel"
The Mission U.K. - "Dragonfly"
The Mission U.K. - "Happy"
Blue Zoo - "Something Familiar"
Blue Zoo - "Open Up"
Blue Zoo - "Forgive and Forget"
The Sisters of Mercy - "First, Last, and Always"
The Sisters of Mercy - "Walk Away"
The Sisters of Mercy - "No Time to Cry"
Tuesday Blues - "Love Me Simple"
Tuesday Blues - "Tunnelvision"
INXS - "Beautiful Girl"
INXS - "Pretty Vegas"
INXS - "Devil Inside"
The Blue Hearts - "Train Train"
The Blue Hearts - "Linda Linda"


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