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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nothing changes on New Year's Day

December 31, 2006

If I were in the Philippines, I would have been among the thousands of the mall trekkers rushing to complete their final list of things to buy--gifts, new clothes, shoes, equipment, food for New Year's Eve.

But I'm here in Canada, living independently; so instead of being at a mall, I'm here at work, just like a thousand other immigrants who become oblivious of almost every passing occasion, immersed in their jobs. Away from their homes and loved ones and closest peers, they opt to let the holidays pass while focusing on their tasks at work, rather than brood and think of the joys happening at home.

Oh well, nothing changes on New Year's Day anyway. Despite that, mine will still be filled with hopes and wishes. New aspirations and new goals. And this is quite never ending.

See you next year.

Now I'm back to my ward. I'm working.


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