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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Restful but Definitely No Longer Restless

Photo taken on January 5, 2005, beside a tree in the neighborhood, near the corner of 149 Street and 86 Avenue Posted by Hello

Perhaps I got tired from cleaning up the garbage mess the flock of birds made on our front lawn, so I took a short while to rest beside a leafless tree in the neighborhood. Yes, that was my grandfather's shadow.

Photography is one of the three most favorite pastimes of my grandfather—with travelling and spending being the first and the second; so I can understand now Grandfather's once-in-a-while grumpiness and restiveness, simply because he could no longer travel regularly due to his heart condition; unlike before, when he would usually have at least two trips in a year—to the Philippines; to the United States; or to Manitoba or Ontario, the Canadian provinces where many relatives of ours live. This is another reason I regularly take him to worthwhile walks, in the hopes that such short but ponderous walks coupled with once-in-a-while poetry reading and wartime-story telling may satisfy Grandfather's wanderlust.


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