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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Foggy Late-December Morning

Posted by Hello A foggy Monday morning at Guildford mall parking lot, December 27, 2004. The background was hazy because of the thick fog, not because of an Adobe Photoshop blurring effect.

Before lunch, Mike, with Papa and me, went to a Canadian Superstore to buy additional groceries for the New Year's Eve celebration at the house. While Mike was withdrawing money from the bank, I had Papa take this picture of me; Papa was on the front passenger's seat.

I was wearing my brown suede coat and a new bonnet (one of several Christmas gifts I received from Mike and Marivic), yet I could still feel the coldness penetrating into my bones.

This fogginess is just the start of the cold Winter season here in British Columbia, Canada. Heavy and thick snow might fall in the middle of January.


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