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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To Blame Solely the Failure of a System Is Scapegoating

Not to disrespect the memory of the University of the Philippines student who apparently committed suicide because she did not have the money to pay her tuition fee; but medically speaking, anyone who committed suicide had something wrong with her psychological health--she had mental imbalance and poor coping mechanisms.

Of course there are so many factors that contribute to the sad event of a person's committing suicide, but to blame solely the government or any societal system for this is also unfair and myopic.

If one follows the logic that the government or the failure of a system is the cause of such deaths, then how come there remain so many economically challenged people in perhaps any especially third-world or developing country and yet they are able to cope with the poverty and daily challenges by staying alive?

If suicide is a normal option for a normal or mentally healthy individual, then all people who are having difficulties in life would have committed suicide already.

But, why then, many choose to live?

For one obvious reason: They are mentally healthy, they have normal coping mechanisms, and they have a balanced psychological setup.

Therefore, to blame the government or the failure of a system for suicides or personal deaths like this, secondary to the failure to cope with such challenges, is a folly of scapegoating.

It's really long overdue that leaders and ordinary people in general start acknowledging the impact of mental illnesses and psychological disorders and how to treat these or how to deal with these properly instead of considering them lightly as good topics for comedy shows or everyday humor.


  • At Wednesday, April 03, 2013 5:04:00 AM, Anonymous rainbow said…

    There is such a thing as beautiful death..but who wants to think or talk about this for a discussion while you were having lunch over breaktime or just in an ordinary family bonding weekend.This may be the least thing we cannot talk openly in a casual party or in any point of just merely having a conversation .

    It saddened me when i heard about an american teenage gay who committed suicide and a big fan of lady gaga telling her predicaments prior to this sending his message via social media and youtube as his confession tool to the lady monster

    Glad that our society back home recognized and believe in our talents..

    Who would have thought that the highest grossing film so far will be an open gay vice ganda.?


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