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Monday, December 31, 2012

Hi, Just Call Me ALF

(On Having a Strong Presence on the Internet)
by aLfie vera mella

To many people, a strong presence on the Internet through blogs and other postings make them uncomfortable, making them feel exposed and vulnerable to many people including strangers.

Personally, I don't mind being a familiar character on the Internet world; it helps me with my many causes and endeavors--music, literary works, spreading and sharing religious or philosophical views and insights as well as encouraging or compelling others to challenge their own beliefs.

It's just a matter of how to protect oneself from possibilities of libel and loss of credibility by knowing exactly what to write and post and how to express this appropriately.

The three important concepts that someone active on the Internet really need to guide all his online activities with are LIBEL, PLAGIARISM, and SELF-INCRIMINATION. If an Internet user knows very well the respective meanings and the ins and outs of these terms, then he is well-protected whatever writings or postings he chooses to share on the Internet.

Libel - Learn how to say or write it appropriately, so you may not be sued with libel

Plagiarism - learn when and how to acknowledge information that you borrowed

Self-incrimination - learn not to share information that may be taken against you legally

Privacy: It is, after all, reserved only for private people. But once you chose a path of an artist, musician, writer, politician, public worker, or any field in showbusiness, you've automatically renounced your privacy.

However, private personal information like credit-card accounts, addresses, telephone numbers, and places where you keep or hide you treasure are better left secured in private.


  • At Tuesday, January 01, 2013 11:45:00 AM, Anonymous rainbow said…

    I'm not busy these days ,so I tend be online and just read read and read and write ,gone were the days I do hosting jobs and write stand up comedy happens in auditions sometimes ,if the material used is already has been heard .it will not pass the first stage because you have to write and perform your own script..everybody was always reminded to be creative and original.


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