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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Your Brilliance Is Their Mediocrity

When people talk about you negatively even though you are not doing anything wrong to them or you are not doing anything wrong at all, the problem lies on those people—they are insecure, envious, jealous, or they simply couldn't reach your level of intellect. And because they are insecure people, they see your sense of brilliance as arrogance or conceitedness; the more intellectualism they observe in you, the more insecure they become and the more they realize their stupidity and mediocrity.

In short, they see your brilliance as a reflection of their mediocrity and stupidity—and this works inverse-proportionally—the more brilliant you are or successful you become, the more insecure they become and the more they realize their mediocrity.

Yes, I am talking about myself.

That is one reason I have very few friends here in Canada where I am. Many people I know always talk negatively about me, my music, my writings. They hate me for my achievements and for my visions. Most of the times, they could not fathom my ideas and insights. No matter how supportive I am to many of them and how humanistic many of my ideas, I remain their mortal enemy. I remain an enigma to many of them. And they have the temerity to smile and call my name whenever they see me.

I'd rather that they don't talk to me all the way than smile at me but curse me the moment I turn my back.

That's okay, I have my family—especially Inna and my kids—who admire my individuality and who have always been supportive of what I do.

I'm not worried about myself because I'm already old and I'm long used to such kind of evil people. What I'm worried about is Evawwen—who at his age of three and a half is already showing great degrees of intellectualism and eclecticism—qualities he obviously got from his dad. I just hope that, like me, he may grow up possessing also a sense of certainty and strength to deal with even the cruelest and evilest of words and actions from people who will hate him for his intellect and brilliance.


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