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Friday, October 05, 2012

Warm Welcome to Winter

by aLfie vera mella

Wasn't it only yesterday when the winds were warm and
The leaves on the streets were dry?
With a rest of the eyes and a draw of deep breath and
The snow has fallen from the sky
You would surely curse and dread the advent of winter
If you did nothing fruitful and adventurous last summer
There is really nothing to regret about if
Every decision you make is well-thought-of
If for every goal and every dream you really work hard
And for every choice--big and small--you set a high standard
Yes, it was only yesterday when the winds were warmly blowing
When the leaves from the trees to the ground were gently falling
But I don't curse nor dread the advent of winter
Simply because I had a very fruitful and adventuresome summer

The Last Leaf
Poetry writing took a backseat because I began to focus my writing on essays, especially when I became a columnist for Filipino Journal in 2006 and have continued to write three columns ever since. Thankfully, my poetic muse has visited me once again, after almost six years. The moment I saw the falling snow outside from my window this morning, strings of verses flowed forth from my literary pen.

It's poetry season once again in eLfland. And this is the first--a sonnet in ode to winter.


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