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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

On Broomriders and Lazy Assheads

An acquaintance of mine who is working also at a hospital but not as a nurse aide but instead as a housekeeping attendant told me that he liked his job because he's not doing anything for most of the time. He even asked me jokingly why not consider working in the same job because it was really easy.

I would have just smiled and kept silent, but I thought to myself, people like these are among the reasons the world keeps on breeding useless, lazy, and irresponsible individuals—people who don't maximize their positive skills and talents but instead take advantage of the work system's failure to appraise the performance quality of every single worker in a given facility.

So, instead of agreeing with him, I simply said, "Sorry, but I'm great where I am; I'd rather work in a job where I could use my skills and knowledge to the fullest. Money earned, money well deserved." Something like that.

Yes, it's true—everywhere—Philippines, Canada, and surely other countries--Filipinos or not--there are diligent workers as well as lazy assheads.


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