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Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Life of a Free Spirit

by aLfie vera mella

I just finished the first half of my two-week vacation from hospital work. A bit relaxing, to be able to sleep in in the morning without worrying about getting late for work especially that the days are getting colder; but it's also a bit tiring, particularly when Evawwen and Gabby decide to make the living room their playroom or the entire house their playground.

That's trivial anyway. Despite my being glued to my laptop for a few hours--my personal private time--prolifically writing, simply reading engaging stuff, or commentating on issues that interest me, I could still drop off at and pick up Inna and Marina from their respective works, take the kids to the mall, drive around, watch DVDs or play with them, and even cook once in a while and wash the dishes. In fact, I could still even practice with my band--it's only three hours, once a week anyway.

 Regular weekly band practice at Christine's home; that's she on the guitar and Dave on the mandolin; I was the one taking this shot. 

 Once a month gig is good enough for little artists who play not for money but to showcase their original brand of music.

 This is not my costume; the fact is, I'm in my usual getup, gig or no gig, party or just a family stroll at the mall.

Despite my diversity of extracurricular preoccupations after professional hospital work, I still regard every day as a family day--whether driving around, strolling at the park, shopping at the mall, or watching DVDs together at home.

 Gabby and Evawwen enjoying a day at the hospital where I work, which we sometimes visit even I'm on a dayoff, just to acquaint them with the dynamics of the routines there.

 The main reason Gabby and Evawwen are excited every time we are visiting my workplace--there's a playground at the back.

 Asking Mommy for some coins for the wishing well

Resting after a stroll on the beautiful Corydon Avenue

 Gabby and Ate Marina, sushi time!

 Sashimi for me, as usual

Who wants to go to the toyshop later?

Such is the life of a man with a restless mind and a free spirit who has long gravitated to music, literature, and writing to tackle the mediocrity and monotony of life in general.

It's 3:00, time to drop off Inna at work; then tuck Evawwen for his afternoon nap. I hope I don't fall asleep first--which is usually the case.


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