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Friday, November 24, 2006

The Emergence of Emong Payaso

November 24, 2006

At last, we wrapped up today our recording session for the "Karnabal" project. All that remain are two more sessions to be dedicated to the mixing of the entire content of The Woes of Emong Payaso maxi-single. Finalizing the content of the CD, I decided to present it as one long nonstop single track consisting of four parts, making it a tetralogy: "Mahiwagang sapatos ni Emong Payaso," "Parang karnabal (ganyan ang buhay ng tao)," "Tuluy-tuloy ang palabas sa entablado," and "Sa likod ng bawat tagumpay ay kalbaryo," with the third part being the main song.

In the beginning of the project, my collaborator wanted to remain anonymous, to be known only as Emong Payaso, chiefly because he initially felt that the musical project we were making does not represent his genre. His chief genre is Progressive Rock, the likes of Yes and Rush; so he felt that making an Alternative Rock / New Wave project might hurt his style, thus the anonymity. However, as we progressed, he began to accept that whatever we might have been embarking on, regardless of the style, is still, after all, a product of our own creativity. Actually, after one year (on and off) of making the project, it no longer remained only categorizable as New Wave. I can safely describe the project as an amalgamation of Alternative Rock / New Wave, Classical music, and Progressive Rock, with a touch of Folk. I just made sure that the result would not veer away from the style of the music of my former band Half Life Half Death, chiefly because I wanted to maintain my trademark sound. And after hearing the results, I could say that I'm satisfied.

Emong Payaso is satisfied as well, making him finally reveal himself. He is actually a friend of mine, named Abelardo "Ardie" Sarao, a very talented musician who began playing music since the late '70s.

I'm now in a rush to finish the album covers because our CD launching concert is slated on December 15, at Howard Johnson Hotel. Ardie and I will perform the contents of the album. Aside from this performace, I will also perform with my alternating live band, haLf man haLf eLf, which comprises of the band members of Studio 69.

Anyway, some more developments soon.

For the meantime, I should be going back to my ward now. I'm here at Riverview Health Centre, doing a day shift on a snowy Sunday. Fortunately, work today is relatively easy. Add to that, I'm always blessed for having nice coworkers.


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