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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vol. 2: When Consciousness Begins to Falter

The second volume of the personally compiled a dozen & a haLf favorites consists of songs from some of the so-called Britpop bands of the '90s Alternative-music scene.
In an interview for a '90s issue of the music magazine New Musical Express, Blur vocalist Damon Albarn said that Britpop was Great Britain's answer to and the antithesis of the rugged Grunge music of United States of America, and that he was proud for Blur's having been one of Britpop's leading instigators.

As always, the "New Wave"–sounding music of such bands was what caught my eLven ears. Moreover, Britpop's reclaiming in the '90s of the Alternative-music throne from Grunge was befitting; for Great Britain, after all, was the very birthplace and heartland of New Wave music.

Volume 2: When Consciousness Begins to Falter

Bluetones, the – Keep the Home Fires Burning
Bluetones, the – Slight Return
Blur – She's So High
Blur – There's No Other Way
Dodgy – Good Enough
Dodgy – Staying Out for the Summer
Elastica – Line Up
Elastica – Stutter
Kula Shaker – Govinda
Kula Shaker – Tattva
Menswear – Daydreamer
Menswear – I'll Manage Somehow
Ned's Atomic Dustbin – Grey Cell Green
Ned's Atomic Dustbin – Less than Useful
Space – Female of the Species
Space – Me and You versus the World
These Animal Men – Light-Emitting Electrical Wave
These Animal Men – Riverboat Captain

You may download the compilation (MP3s packed in a RAR file) here.
Disclaimer: My intention is to give you a taste test of some of my favorite bands. If you happened to like their music, support them by purchasing original copies of their albums.
Wikipedia—one of, if not the most reliable reference on the Internet today.


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