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Friday, October 28, 2005

Vol. 1: Raise Your Glass and Cry until You're Done

Feeling creative yet again, I made a compilation of my favorite songs for my personal listening pleasure, entitled a dozen & a haLf favorites. Each volume in this series contains 18 tracks.

The bands comprising Volume 1 were some of the artists into whose "New Wave–sounding" music I immersed myself in the '90s, the era dominated by the Grunge of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots among many others.

Volume 1: Raise Your Glass and Cry until You're Done

Blake Babies - "Disappear"
Blake Babies - "Until I Almost Died"
Buffalo Tom - "Dry Land"
Buffalo Tom - "Torch Singer"
Dillon Fence - "Daylight"
Dillon Fence - "Hey, Mockingbird"
Dinosaur Jr. - "I Don't Think So"
Dinosaur Jr. - "Yeah Right"
Kitchens of Distinction - "Drive That Fast"
Kitchens of Distinction - "Smiling"
Lemonheads, the - "Allison's Starting to Happen"
Lemonheads, the - "Confetti"
Posies, the - "Flavor of the Month"
Posies, the - "Solar Sister"
Rentals, the - "Friends of P"
Rentals, the - "The Love I'm Searching For"
Sloan - "500 Up"
Sloan - "I Am the Cancer"


You may download the compilation (MP3s packed in a RAR file) here.


Disclaimer: My intention is to give you a taste test of some of my favorite bands. If you happened to like their music, support them by purchasing original copies of their albums.
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