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Friday, October 28, 2005

Naku! Lagot ka

Photo taken in 2003, I with my best friend Ramil and my nephew Aki (Ramil's eldest)
My sister Lovelle and her husband, Ramil, with their children, my nephews Anwell Joaquin "Aki" and Kali Lorenzo (2004)
Aki and Kali, 2005

Aki: "Naku, Kali, lagot ka kay Mommy. Pinunit mo 'yang litrato."
Kali: "Di ko naman sinasadya e."

Lovelle: "Okey lang 'yan, Aki. Hindi naman sinasadya ng kapatid mo e."


The Filipino interjection naku is a contraction of the phrase "ina ko" [my mother]. It is often used to express surprise, delight, or worry. In English, its nearest counterpart would be "oh my!"


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