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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Jeremy and the eLf

Finally, in 2001, I got to meet my first New Wave idol in person. Jeremy Kelly and Peter Coyle, otherwise The Lotus Eaters, had a gig in the Philippines. Posted by Hello

Years prior to the concert, Jeremy and I had already been exchanging e-mails. I was surprised when, during their autograph signing, it was Jeremy who recognized me. I couldn't forget when he blurted: "Hey, you're aLfie mella!" He even acknowledged that he looked like me when he was younger. He said that he remembered my name because the surname of a sister-in-law of his was also Mella. I just forgot to ask (because of excitement) if his sister-in-law was a Filipina.

I gave Jeremy a copy of my band Half Life Half Death's album; and as expected, he afterwards wrote me to say that he liked "Butterflies" very much.

Here's one of his several short e-mail messages to me:

Fri, 15 Aug 2003
Well done, eLf! Your reactions and perceptions are not unlike mine when we first hit Manila, believe it or not. I think the estrangement from the familiar is a superb experience. Keep up the observations.


[Jem was pertaining to the e-mail I sent him relating my first time to trek the malls and other places here in Canada.]


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