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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Did I look younger, or am I the same shit? Posted by Hello


  • At Thursday, May 12, 2005 8:46:00 PM, Anonymous Ina said…

    Definitely suits you better. Musta na Alfie Elf (or is it Elfie Alf?)?

    Looks like you're having a great time there in Canada. Buti ka pa. Kami ng hubby ko balik Korea uli. Wala eh, mukhang mas in demand yata talaga kami sa job market dito.

    Ingat! And will link your blog to mine, ha?

  • At Saturday, May 14, 2005 2:39:00 PM, Blogger eLf ideas said…

    Great time? Not yet. He-he. Not until I finally become an immigrant... in a year's time, I hope, if everything goes on smoothly, my papers I mean.

    Good luck on your life there in Korea.

    I've linked your blog with mine as well.


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