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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Lessons on Life

While flicking the TV remote control mindlessly one night, I chanced upon a French film whose subtitles caught my fancy, for almost all of them are worth quoting. Unfortunately, the film was already at the middle when I chanced upon it. I watched it anyway, trying to note down as many lines as my hand could possibly write. Here are some of those quotes, from the film Trois Pommes à Côté du Sommeil, a.k.a. Lessons on Life (1989):

"I analyze to understand; but through analysis, words lose their meaning."

"I feel the human chill of 40 creeping into my core. Dread seizes me."

"When we talk we say nothing; in silence we say everything."

"I'm living in an atmosphere of collective defeat."

"Look around, people still fall in love despite the 6 o'clock news."

"You always need to feel madly in love."

"There are some things that the mind can ignore but the heart cannot."


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