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Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Public Apology

On April 1, upon researching some updates concerning the Pope's condition, I stumbled upon a few news authored by Wikipedia and a few more Web sites, reporting that "the Pope has died." I never thought that such supposed-to-be-reliable sites would commit so grave a blunder. I fell for the blunder; for, yesterday, I posted on my blog an article echoing that "the Pope has died." Oh, my, what an April fool I was.

Then, last night as I was watching CNN on TV to get updates, I was shocked to realize that the Pope is still alive. I was shocked because I'd committed a grave blunder which, I'm sure, might have offended many people.

I would have logged on the Internet at once to fix the article I'd written, but I couldn't because the computer I'm using was unavailable until this morning.

Consider this posting as my apology to those who have read the article in question and been offended by it.

Another lesson I learned...never trust even "reliable" Web sites especially when serious or delicate matters are involved.


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