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Monday, December 27, 2004

The Goose Has Finally Transformed into a Swan

Yellow and Stripe, the Hope for the Flowers, 2004 Posted by Hello

{most especially to my elementary and high-school friends who, after all the years, are still there—Jonathan Mejino, Rommel Panabi, Paolo Mendoza, Rommel Rufon, Rommel Reyes, Ruperto de Jesus, Nathaniel Saligumba, Edward Dennis Enriquez, Edralin Lat, Norman Gorecho, Rainald Paggao, Ramil Aznar, Carol Pobre, Roderick Periodico, Jacob Gonzales...[I'm so blessed with so many best friends]}

In case I haven't formally greeted all of you yet, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope that all are celebrating the Season in however which way despite each of our permanent woes and the year-ender tsunami that struck our neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

As for your comrade eLf here in Canada, nothing much has changed; I'm still in exile. Nevertheless, I'm coping; I have to, lest I'd outrace my grandfather to the Finish Line.

Perhaps, some of you were surprised to learn of my recent engagement, add to that the fact that my fiancée is in the Philippines and that we will be tying the proverbial knot as soon as I return home; but yes, I'm finally ready to settle down. I'm soon joining the family men in our fellowship, and this early I'm already excited about it. In fact, my family in the Philippines are as enthusiastic as I am and supportive about our (Charlotte and I) plan to get married on my homecoming in late 2006 or early 2007.

More than two years more, yes; so it means, more sacrifices for both of us. But, I know Charlotte very well, and I know myself more than anyone else. I've long come to an age when I already know who I really am, what I really want, and most of all, with whom I want to spend the rest of my now mellowed life.

I'm turning 34, and had been in so many relationships—(I was counting, both the serious ones and the flings, and wow! just don't ask me how many girls had either loved or used and abused me in the past, for you might say I am bragging. Let me just say (in Pet's lingo), more than the number of years in a half a century. So, if I'm still dissatisfied, after all those wonderful (sometimes painful) experiences, then it would be the news that should merit your surprise and disbelief.

My having been in a band and my current predicament have helped a lot in transforming me gracefully from (in Ohmy's lingo) a restless Casanova into a finally contented swan.

Call me idealistic, or even fantastic (in the real sense of this word), but this is what your friend aLfie has become—mature, at last, ready to become a husband and a father; but nevertheless still possesses a hopeful, dreamy, childlike, and youthful perspective.

All I really need from all of you now are nothing but sincere wishes and belief in my indomitability, that both Charlotte and I have really the strength and courage, and most of all love, that will aid us brave through the current hard times until we find ourselves together again.

But, yes, even I, myself, never thought that the gregarious gander many once knew had finally transformed into a contented cob for good. For the better.

The gentle breeze is hushing to serenity the leafs of my heart. May you sing the same ode with me. Yes, fairy tales and magic still exist in the world today after all. All we really need to do is believe in them.



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