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Friday, December 03, 2004

Birthday Greetings

I just want to greet some persons who celebrate their birthdays this month:

Dec. 3 – My third sister, Kimberly Mae, turns 24. May you find true love and delight in happiness with your children, my niece Arianne Kyle and nephew Anthony Kevin.

Dec. 2 – Leng (Catherine Belialba-Vitug), a younger sister of Charlotte, a future sister-in-law, turns 28. May you see me perfect for your sister Cha and welcome me into your own family.

Dec. 13 – My father, Edgar L(orenzana) Mella, turns 58. Good that you're no longer the "invulnerable" and ill-tempered father you once-upon-a-time was.

Dec. 27 – My kind and soft-spoken friend Almira S. Jorda, turns 27. Learning that you finally found someone who can make you happy delighted me as well. My UP-Diliman memories would be incomplete without you in the picture.

Dec. 28 – An auntie, Emmaruth P. Aranzamendez-Mondejar, whom, being younger, I regard as a cousin instead. Those were lovely memories of ours with Eloi and Kuya Edmon and the rest of your siblings back in the 80s. Good job for having a great family of your own.


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