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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Of Snakes and Saviors

While having my usual breakfast of waffles, oatmeal, and milk, I peered on the Saturday, November 27, issue of The Now newspaper lying on the table. As I scanned through the pages, two articles caught both my fancy and seeming disbelief.

Upon reading the first article, in my native tongue I did utter to myself: "Buti pa ang ahas...."



Snake found on White Rock road

Lose a snake?

A passer-by found a six-foot long Boa constrictor slithering down the middle of a White Rock road early Tuesday morning.

Police were called to Best Street and Thrift Avenue shortly after 6 a.m., captured the beastie and took it to the Rainforest Reptile Refuge Society at 1395 176th St. The snake, estimated to be six years old, can be claimed by phoning the South Surrey–based society at 604-XXX-XXXX.

And then, reading the second article, I smiled and said to myself: "Dito rin naman pala sa Canada eh; eh ba't ganun na lang kung laitin nila ang Pilipinas."


Watch for fake canvassers

The Salvation Army is warning residents to beware of bogus canvassers in Surrey. The group says two white men without official ID are carting around a cardboard box with a Salvation Army logo in Newton, asking for cash. The Salvation Army doesn't canvass door-to-door.



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