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Friday, October 29, 2004

A Triumvirate of Contemplation

A good day, indeed! This blog site is definitely therapeutic. Every morning upon waking up, I feel ideas come pouring out of my mind, and there's no better thing for me to do about it but document such feelings and ideas. I believed what my friend, fellow writer Judy Tanael said in our chat on October 25, 2004:

"Write it down now, while you're there in the experience. Mahirap i-capture lahat pag wala ka na dun." (pertaining to my current plight and predicament)

I dislike to admit this, but most of the times I find myself afflicted with the so-called writer's block; and even though I know that all writers experience this once in a while, I still feel wary about losing my "pen" on days I feel that every moment counts and thus needs to be documented.

So, having Judy's words in mind I really try hard to capture on "paper" as many significant events and thoughts of mine as I possibly could, at this stage of my life.

Since that nothing relatively new or interesting happened last night until this morning, except that Amber and Julie went to school wearing their respective Halloween costumes (sprites), I now decide to just post a triumvirate of poems each of which I wrote in a flash but with an overwhelming feeling of love and hope.

A Poet to His Future Wife

If you met me in my youth
In the days I was wilder and freer
Could you have loved me still?

If you met me in my youth
When my heart was restless and untrue
Could you have persevered and stayed?

The mental picture of you which I've always painted
Soft-haired, flowers on your head
Starry smiles beneath idyllic eyes
Lovely lips, supple skin
Would you have loved me then
Like you love me now?

The scent of my Summer siestas
There on the magical swing
Beside the generous apple tree
In the backyard lawn
Of Cousin Mike and his family’s home
Moments spent yearning for my own lao jia
Could you have been dreaming and hoping
In the same moments for someone like me?
Could I have been the portrait of your love
Even if I had not arrived?

- 10:58 a.m., Monday, June 14, 2004
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
While listening to "When I See You Smile" by
Bic Runga (Beautiful Collision; 2002, Columbia)

A Poet to His Firstborn

Finally I found the lady
Who would be your mother and fairy

Lucky you for
She is all whom I could ever wish for

Your mother and I
Have been friends way before
We began to love each other

Or should I say,
In our hearts we have been loving each other
Long before we decided to be together

You may have come late in your parents' lives
But that's the very reason you are special
Not only to us but also to all the people
Who care about us

I promise you that
Whatever happens
We will give you everything
You will ever need

I'm sure too
That your mother will love you
As much as she loves me and as I love you

Just promise me two things:
As you grow up
Love to learn, read, and write--
For this is the key to
Understanding the world and
Accepting thy neighbors for what and who they are

And most importantly
Love and respect your mother
The way I respect and love her

- 12:55 p.m., October 27, 2004, Wednesday
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
While listening to "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by
Band Aid (Christmas single, December 1984)

A Grandfather to His Favorite Grandson

"Almost everything that was
Is vanishing from my aging mind
Leaving but only my love

"For my family and remaining friends:
I pray that they all remember me
When I'm dead and gone

"And one more thing, don't forget my final heed:
On my wake, I want to wear coat and tie...

"And when everything's been said and done
Cremate my body and put it in an urn
Then rest it where your grandmother's is

"And last, and not the least,
When I'm finally gone
You can now reveal my secret to everyone"

- 2:00 p.m., October 27, 2004, Wednesday
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
While listening to "Leave in Silence" by
Depeche Mode (People Are People; 1984, Sire)

That would be it for today.



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