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Thursday, December 04, 2003

ADVENT CALL article in progress

Advent Call was able to release albums but only beginning in the 1990s. Also, Reujen Lista (original) was no longer the vocalist at the time. Karl Roy replaced him. Advent Call was Roy's first band.

With Karl Roy as the next vocalist, Advent Call was able to release around 1993 only a single (intended for the FM radio station DWLA 105), "Puting Ilaw."

By the time Advent Call released its d├ębut album, 'Alterednatives' (1996), Roy was no longer the vocalist; and the version of "Puting Ilaw" included in that album was a re-recorded one, featuring the new vocalist, Basha Aguilar.

In 1999, Advent Call released its second album, 'Planetang May Flying Soser,' still with the same vocalist (Aguilar) and still led by longtime keyboardist Henry Vittali (a cousin of mine). All the members of Advent Call after the first album were no longer original.

The third and final album of Advent Call, 'Local Recall,' was released in 2004. It was comprised mostly by covers including songs by Urban Bandits ("Nagpapapansin"), Private Stock ("Future Generation"), Sake ("Prisoners of Darkness"), Dean's December ("The Healing"), and Silos ("Things Within"). This selection of songs was most likely the idea of their manager Nitto Palacios, who is a veteran in the Philippine Alternative Rock music scene since the 1980s.

On the other hand, original Advent Call vocalist, Reujen Lista, became active again in the music scene in 2007, when he replaced Arnel Pineda as the vocalist of The Zoo. This was the year Pineda became the lead vocalist of Journey. Lista stayed with The Zoo only until 2008.


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