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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

This Will Be My Official Online Journal

Finally, I found the spark to create my official online journal. Several friends have been long prodding me to make one, especially that they knew how fond I am of sharing my thoughts and ideas to as many people as possible.

Before anything else, I would like to express my gratitude and tribute to such people who keep on reminding me about creating a blog of my own:

From Noreen Capili, a former fellow magazine editor at Diwa Scholastic Press Inc., in Philippines:
"ei, do you have a blog? dapat naka-blog ka na rin para alam ng mga friends mo dito ano nangyayari sa iyo dyan. if you have time, visit my blog at"

From Derrick Periodico, my first ever best friend in school; our friendship stretches back to 1978, when we were classmates in the second grade at St. Mary's Academy in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines:
"hi halfie!------i still have our photos from way back, i'll look forthem and scan it for you. maganda na ding ma-digitizemga yun medyo naluluma na din.sige na… update me if yoy have a blog or mas magandaif you joined para phto journal na din.bye for now." /dek (

And finally, Andrea Duerme, a fellow writer whom I'm glad I met before I finally left Philippines for Canada, in August of 2003--who continues to inspire me and help me keep the flames of my literary hearth burning:
Hello! :)I just thought I'd share something with you that I thought may be of help, since you once told me that being away from home sometimes causes loneliness to knock on your door. Your friend, Andrea (

SO now what? This blog of mine I will, of course, be calling 'eLf ideas.' It will serve, among other things, as
1) my online diary
2) an archive of my poetry I want to share
3) a folder of articles I regularly write--on various subjects of my interest
4) a record of my emotions
5) a personal log of views, commentaries, and other slips-of-the-tongue, spits-of-the-mouth, and whispers-of-the-lips

Moreover, I intend this blog to be my family and friends' way of knowing how I am and feel, especially that from all of them I am currently so many miles away...



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