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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

On Acknowledging Grains of Truth With

Balat-Sibuyas Ka Ba?
(On Acknowledging Grains of Truth with an Open Mind and on the Ability to Think Contextually)

Buti na lang ako, hindi pikon!

owever, many people—Filipinos or not—seem to be very reactionary to certain trending issues despite the fact that there are grains of truth in such issues. They fail to think in context. They fail to dig more deeply into the meanings and repercussions of things. They easily succumb to their own violent and hostile reaction without analyzing first the situation surrounding certain issues.

Here are two examples of trending issues online these days, at least in the Philippine community, and here are my views on them.

On Dan Brown’s Depiction of Manila as “the gates of hell” in His Latest Fiction Novel Inferno:
I think that the real patriots here are those Filipinos who acknowledge the validity of the criticism--whether in a fictional or a reality sense—and then continue on by suggesting or coming up with possible solutions to the obvious problems that have been ailing the country as depicted in the description, or at least promoting awareness about the decay of the country—decay which may still be alleviated if only citizens contribute to the solution rather than to the problems.
Those who deny the validity of the criticism or cover these up are actually those who hamper progress. Because of their denial of the problems, they prevent themselves (and some other people who they might influence) from coming up with possible solutions. Therefore, they are the real culprits of the country's decay; they are the non-patriot ones--their denial prevents solutions because to them there is really no problem.
They are as bad as those who criticize and do nothing at all.

Dan Brown is an American author who became controversial also for his previous novel The Da Vinci Code (2003), which inflamed many usually religious people.

On Filipino Comedian Vice Ganda’s Distasteful Joke about Newscaster Jessica Soho:
Don't take comedians seriously. That simple. Their talent or chosen profession is just to make jokes about anything at all.

People should learn where to get their dose of intellectual wisdom or useful pieces of advice.

I don't really mind whatever kind of joke the likes of Vice Ganda spits out of his mouth. He's a comedian. That's what he does.

What parents should teach their children is simply this: Don't believe what comedians say. Laugh at them or laugh with them, but don't take them seriously.

If one wants to learn, read a book or watch an educational film or listen to a philosopher, an author, or any other intellectual professional.

A comedian is simply not a recommendable source of valid pieces of intellectual and sensitive educational information.

I am not amused, impressed, nor commend Vice Ganda's style of humor. Actually I am not amused nor impressed by the style of humor of comedians whose topics revolve around sex, racism, cultures, and physical traits—not only in the Philippine comedy but also the comedy shows here in Canada I am not generally impressed.

My issue actually is that I don't want governments to start banning comedians and censoring comedy shows because, after all, comedians and comedy shows must not be taken seriously and are not appropriate sources of educational information and moral values. On the other hand, I don't recommend being onion-skinned and overly sensitive.

Because, the more onion-skinned a person is, the higher the level of his sense of insecurity and the lower the level of his self-esteem.

The more ridiculing a person is of others, the higher also the level of his sense of insecurity and the lower the level of his self-esteem.

But seriously, what is baffling is the fact that amidst all these issues—there are people who cry foul, there are people who can tolerate such antics, and there are those who simply don't care?


Simply because people are diverse.

Just don't fall in the dangerous folly of thinking that what you think or what you feel is what others also feel. That's a folly I call monopoly of sentiment. Don't think that your sentiment is the only valid sentiment. Express yours, but acknowledge those of others.

Sa Madaling Salita
Karaniwan, kung sino ang mababa ang pagpapahalaga sa sarili, sila ang madalas mapikonn. At kung sino ang malakas manlait e sila rin ang karaniwang medaling mapikon.

Or, in Simple Words
If the level of a person’s sense of security and self-esteem is high, she is less likely to get offended by criticisms made by other people. The more in denial a person is about the negative characteristics of something she likes, the less she is able to find possible solutions to alleviating these problematic issues.


  • At Friday, June 07, 2013 9:08:00 AM, Anonymous rainbow said…

    Just got back from a a month Phil vacation and one of my iteneraries was to visit comedy bars in Quezon City to see some friends and just to simply have fun and see who among this new set of promising gay comedians will be able to make a new difference in gay stand ups.

    Some of them are still active senior comedians who never fails to entertains with their wit and humor among new customers mostly balikbayans whom i guess a better audience and a first timer to hear such overboard jokes.

    In reality Gays humor especially in the Phil are just our everyday lifestyle and people dont know how to accept that reality that gays in the entertainment business are majorities, from the staff to directors to the press and even teachers in the mass communication field.

    This is what we call media .. a freedom of expression ...

  • At Friday, June 07, 2013 3:24:00 PM, Blogger eLf ideas said…

    I think we are on the plane of idea concerning comedy or, specifically, gay humor. As what I said in my article, we should not take seriously comedians when they are performing their acts and spiels onstage at comedy shows--they're simply performing certain roles.

    I regard things--as much as possible--based on the context of place or time. A comedian laughing at or laughing with people during their comedy shows are simply doing an activity. It would be a different matter if the comedian does that at a dinner table during a get-together with friends.

    I think it's just the same when actors and actresses get to act in films to assume evil characters. We should not take their roles seriously because--it's just acting. I wouldn't hate or criticize Anthony Hopkins, for example, for his role as Hannibal Lecter in 'The Silence of the Lambs,' even though he ate the body parts of his victims. He was just acting a role.

    In the same vein that Vice Ganda was just playing the role of a comedian.

  • At Friday, June 07, 2013 9:30:00 PM, Anonymous rainbow said…

    The media hype triggers the issue between a media personality and a comedian artist who have the style of humor supposed to be in the closed door comedy bars and not for mainstream acts.

    But because of the global internet technology, media becomes more aggresive and people sensitive issues are to be resolved because of morality chu chu chu chu..
    Comedy bar jokes is in hot seat because of the wide range of media though the internet whereas it must be an indoor comedy acts thats why it becomes another national issue.

    Comedy bar jokes became a hit and made it in the mainstream or in television programs for the network's entertainment business gain. so what do we expect ?

    The writers of Vice must also be responsible in every detail of his satire. Because being in a character with every role we play is also a no joke...


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