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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Death Is the End Of

To the anonymous person who dropped by here on my eLf ideas blogspot and left a very inspiring comment, thank you!

People like you are whom help me stay on the path I have chosen...especially on moments when some critics couldn't understand the vision I am sharing and when some criticisms also shake me a bit.

But as I always say, I remain the master of my fate. I don't pray, kneel, prostrate, kowtow, or submit myself to anyone.

I will answer your questions one of these days. Don't worry, there are still so many days ahead of us. The world will not end--at least, not in a million years--so to think ahead as far as that is useless, pointless, and laughably foolish.

Yes, the lives of some people are sure to end--that's inevitable--death is the end of every human's life. That should not be surprising.

But, the world itself--it will just continue to revolve around Sun and be a significant part of Solar System for a very, very long time--at least for millions of years more. And if Earth implodes or an astral body bigger than Earth collides with it and leaves the Earth in smithereens (not anymore able to support any form of life), then it should not be a concern. Relative to that span of time, human life is very short. I'd rather spend my time, energy, and knowledge for worrying or focusing on things and issues that interest me more and which lay ahead in my own generation. I think logically; and I confine my logic within a measurable, or at least estimable, frame of time. I don't put my life or fate in the hands of the unknown or unseen. More so, I don't subject myself to blind faith. I am better than that. I'd rather use my senses. I have a clear sense of purpose.

Between instinct and analysis, I choose the latter. After all, so-called instinct is borne out of a long-developed familiarity with certain circumstances. Therefore, instinct is simply a long-practiced habit. There is no such thing as magic.

"I am optimistic, but I am realistic."


  • At Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is death the end of story? If today is the end of the world, they say all of us will face God's judgment. True or not true, we do not really know. You don't believe because you do not have proof. I don't know also because I do not have any proof as well. If you are wrong and God really exists, He will not judge you for being who you are. I think He will judge you more ...

    for not being a backmasked thinker
    for respecting the rainbow society
    for being true
    for valuing your friends
    for helping Lola in the kitchen
    for taking care of Lolo
    for inspiring people
    for letting the world know that it is okay for men to cry
    for taking good care of your own and not your own kids
    for loving someone who has a past
    for appreciating, for saying thank you
    for going back to where you used to be and not be ashamed of it
    for spending time with ordinary people
    for valuing honesty
    for not believing yet being unselfish and sensitive
    for setting the Rancor monster free to see the joy in the eyes of a kid...

    These are just off the top of my head. Gosh, I guess I wouldn't have enough time to finish the so many "for..."

    This is it for now. As you said, we still have many days ahead of us.


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