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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We Are Each Other After

I'm always where you are, even in your dreams. I usually make love with you there; and on moments you feel I'm not there, just look around, I'm always there in some corners, watching you adoringly, guarding you with loving eyes, and loving you endlessly.

As I always say to you, my dearest, never was a moment when I didn't think of you. I start every waking morning with a smile, hoping this can fly to you to touch your lips; and end an either tiring or uneventful day with a prayer, wishing everything would be all right until the day we become one.

I love you, plain and simple——

No, what I really meant was,

I love you very much, complicated and inexplicable.

Love is life, life is love...

And you are my love...

Therefore, you are my life.

I can no longer imagine a life without you. You are the essence of my existence. You are the reason I continue to exist.

My dearest, I'll continue to persevere till the day we are each other, after which the I stops existing and the you ceases from living; for, on that day, the we start a new life together as one.


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