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ideas of an eLven being in Canada

Thursday, June 23, 2005

This is the CD coversleeve of my band Half Life Half Death's one-and-only solo album, conceptualized by yours truly and renderred by Seb de Jesus, a brother of our guitarist Pet de Jesus Posted by Hello

The name Pymyth Prahn is my coinage, with help from my bandmate Pet de Jesus. I was trying to subcreate an imaginary world in the guise of Middle-earth, Narnia, and Never Never Land, where musical eLfish beings exist. It is, in fact, the setting for a fantasy novel, entitled Visionata Grandiosa, I've long been writing. In 1994, I was still conceptualizing the novel in my mind, so when my band began to plan for the album, I took the liberty to use it as a springboard for my novel.

To this day, the novel is still on my editing board. But I've already written a bulk of it.


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