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Thursday, June 23, 2005

This is the CD coversleeve of the compilation album A Dozen Alternatives, in which my band Half Life Half Death's single "Kapit-Tuko" is included. Posted by Hello

A Dozen Alternatives was released in 1994 by Viva Records. With my band in the album were fellow Philippine alternative bands such as Edge of Illusion, Balahibumpooza, An(n)ointed Cherubs, Tribal Fish, Shampoo ni Lola, Leowai, Aftermath, Ba'giw, Drone, Backdraft, and Ang Grupong Pendong.

"Kapit-Tuko" was our first commercially released song. It was played in heavy rotation, in the mid-90s, on radio stations such as LA 105.1 and DM 95.5. We got to promote it several times, in the same era, on TV's Chibugan Na (Channel 9), That's Entertainment (Channel 7), SST (Channel ?), and Eye to Eye (Channel 2).

Being in the band Half Life Half Death had given me, more than anything else, the privilege to be friends and acquaintances with many interesting and creative personalities in the Philippine music scene. Those '90s experiences of mine will remain as enduring memories worth treasuring and cherishing for the rest of my life.


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