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Thursday, June 23, 2005

An eLf Expressing Gratitude...

I express again my gratitude to all the people who allot a fraction of their time on delving into my microcosm through this blog site.

The new "visitor count statistics" feature that I hereby installed, in which the countries where the visitors originate are being shown, is really inspiring me. Before, every time I thought of the people visiting my blog site, I only considered my friends, relatives, and acquaintances living in Canada, Philippines, and the United States; as well as those in Japan, Korea, France, New Zealand, and Australia. However, after a few days of having the said visitor statistics, I am amazed to realize that other people from other countries have been checking in.

Life Is Geometry
My perspective has suddenly widened some more. Born a line that slowly opened up into an acute angle, I've slowly grown past being a right [conventional] one; after all the adventures and misadventures of this little angle that I am, I've eventually matured into an obtuse angle. Now richer in degrees and wider in scope and perspective, I will stretch my arms some more but will, in the end, close up to become a straight line once again, back to what I was. My life will have then been complete. Life, therefore, is....

Around the World in Less than Eighty Days
I've always been careful with my writing style as well as with the expression of my views; but realizing I'm being more and more exposed to diverse cultures, I'm starting to become more and more universal and multiculturally aware of such diversity. I feel like Charles Darwin upon his arrival on Galápagos Islands.

As my gratitude to all the people from all these countries, I will write a short article depicting interesting bits of trivia about their countries, to show them my high regard for their cultures. I feel like a restless explorer in the real etymological sense of the word.

Keep on fluttering by my site. Please keep on inspiring the bard in me. "No writer [indeed] is an island." Travel with me the world in less than....

Scattering the Pollens of My Mind
I write not only for my own satisfaction and to share the ideas continuously brewing in my mind. But, I write to connect my mind with the minds of fellow explorers in this world.

Like a venomless spider, I will continue weaving web to attract and connect with all those brilliant minds. And, like a butterfly, I will soar on—fluttering here and there—so I can share the pollens of....

a Filipino eLf


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